Jewellery & accessory care policy

SR Collection are not liable for items that are damaged due to not following the jewellery and accessory care policy. 
At SR Collection, we strive to deliver the highest quality of jewellery and accessories possible. 
So, in order to increase the longevity of your jewellery and accessories please follow our simple tips to keep them looking their finest for years to come. 
We strongly advise removing your jewellery before any activities that can lead to contact with moisture for example, showering, washing hands, applying hand sanitiser. 
When exercising dirt and sweat can build up causing your jewellery to lose its shine and gradually becoming dull in colour. So it is imperative to remove all articles of jewellery prior to exercising. 
Ensure to keep your jewellery away from moisture avoid contact with alcohol based products, such as hairspray, perfume or house hold cleaners such as, bleach.
Avoid submerging your jewellery in water, and ensure to remove when showering and swimming.  
Allow lotions and perfumes to dry before wearing your jewellery.
When you are not wearing your jewellery please ensure to store it in clean, dry box or bag away from direct sun exposure and condensation. 
Protect your jewellery from extreme temperatures. 
When cleaning your jewellery please use a soft lint free cloth.
Jewellery pieces can be very delicate so ensure not to pull or tug and treat with care when wearing and removing. 
When wearing your jewellery natural wear and tear may occur resulting in slight surface scratches which are normal.
 Please note all of our clutches have been tenderly handcrafted and may have slight imperfections or irregularities in colour, embellishment and thread work. This all adds to the uniqueness of your item making it a one of a kind piece.
 Store your clutch in a clean, dry box or soft pouch away from sun exposure and condensation.  This is imperative to maintain the colour and to prevent any damage to the beadwork and clutch itself. Avoid any contact with water, perfume
that could damage the clutch.